i want a tree house…

i think most kids love tree houses – there’s that element of magic, adventure and daring involved and they so easily become a kids private fantasy world where adults don’t go and adventure is waiting to be had everytime they enter within.

yet adults aren’t giving up on the idea of living and playing in tree-houses just yet. i love the creativity and sense of drama and magic in these tree houses and was fortunate enough to live near the first one and to be able to see it at different stages of it being built as we would travel past it to go visit friends; i never did get to eat in it though, a pity that.

imagine if you had one of these in your back yard as your office – going to work would be a treat wouldn’t it, or as a quiet space to sit and read and meditate on life – ahhh! can’t you feel the relaxation spreading throrugh you.
if tree houses get your creative juices going then you can find some more here. i’m sure there are heaps more photos out there but these are a nice start to dream with.

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